Discipleship – Part 1: 08/21/2016 Sermon

The text for today’s sermon is 2 Peter 1:16-19



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2 thoughts on “Discipleship – Part 1: 08/21/2016 Sermon

  1. I have failed in discipleship. I have recently began to change my words and deeds to better serve God and be and example to others. Pray for me as I put off the physical habits that are not pleasing to God and depend upon his strength and love to cleanse me of my unrighteousness so that I may spread the words of our Lord Jesus not just by mouth but by my deeds . Thank you for this sermon it has spoke to my heart .

    • Thank you! And yes, I will pray for you! Discipleship really begins as we surrender our hearts to “knowing” the Lord Jesus in a deep and intimate way, seeing His loving “Hand” in all the matters of our day, even the smallest of matters.

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