The principal contributor to this website is Bill Adams.

Bill, recently retired from having served for over 33 years in the ministry at French Camp Academy, a school and home dedicated to ministering to teenagers, mostly from broken homes and broken family relationships.  He also served for nineteen years as the Pastor of Houlka Presbyterian Church, a small congregation of dedicated believers located in North Mississippi.  After retiring from the pastorate at Houlka Presbyterian Church, Bill joined the First Baptist Church of Kosciusko.  Bill has recently accepted a temporary position to preach at the West Union Presbyterian Church in Louisville, Mississippi. 

Through posts of the weekly sermons given at Houlka Presbyterian Church, West Union Presbyterian Church and through other articles, this website is dedicated to making Christ more fully known and realized in each believer’s heart.

Special emphasis is given to revealing the reality that as believers in Christ, we are actually and literally “Living in God’s Presence” every moment of every day.  His presence is eminently “real” and the experience of that “joy unspeakable” is available to each of us.  The Spirit of Christ who has been given to all who are truly “Born Again” brings with Him an enabling power by which we can know and experience the deep and intimate love that the Lord Jesus has for us His beloved ”Bride”.  And by His Spirit, we can experience a genuine and personal relationship with Him and can know His intimate presence, not just among us, but intimately within our soul.

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